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Smart Advice

Smart Advice,
Increased Sales

Smart Advice, as an absolute targeting tool suggests to the customer on a tablet screen on the Pharmacy’s counter products and services at the time of the transaction, according to each purchase.


Cross & Up sales

Knowing the customer purchases, Smart Advice proposes products and services that complement and enhance the total actual value and benefit of the offered solution (product and service) . For example , scientific studies show that the use of statins reduces the levels of coenzyme Q10 in the body. The proposal for a dietary Q10 supplement  not only will highlight the role of the Pharmacist in the pharmaceutical care chain , but will also enhance the profitability of the business.


commercial proposals

Smart Advice can be used as a tool for commercial proposals, in order to increase sales of particular products or categories and promote specific companies. When there is no content rule associated with a product, Smart Advice informs the client of the Pharmacy’s current offers. Moreover, Smart Advice may be used as a promotional display for products and companies with high value for the customer and the Pharmacist.


Advice – Information

Most drugs have contraindications and precautionary advice for the patient. Smart Advice, with personalized content according to the needs of each Pharmacy, can highlight the importance of the scientific role of the Pharmacist in pharmaceutical care . For example, showing advice for sun protection in patients taking drugs that cause photosensitivity, will highlight the scientific role of the Pharmacist, with simultaneous commercial advantage.


Smart Advice works well in any windows PC (greater than XP) without hampering sales processes. The application is safe from viruses and prevents access to the data of the Pharmacy computer.

Impression based pricing

The pricing depends on the volume of use of the application. The use is determined by the total impressions produced for rules related content. This way, Pharmacies of all sizes can take advantage of the privileges of the application at an affordable cost.

Content according to your needs

The content of Smart Advice is designed and developed according to the requirements of each Pharmacist. The content is centrally managed over the Internet and web access to the content management platform is provided to the Pharmacist.



Ideally a tablet must be installed close to every cashier on the counter.

The cost for each tablet as follows:

Tablet Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F: 175 €

Licensing Smart Advice: 80 € (once, includes all upgrades)

Stand: 65 €

Total: 325 € plus VAT (if applicable)



380 €/year
Unlimited points of sales up to 30.000 impressions (related rules)
Design 4 rules per month
Web access
Call center 24/7/365
Distant support
640 €/year
Unlimited points of sales up to 60.000 impressions (related rules)
Design 8 rules per month
Web access
Call center 24/7/365
Distant support
1200 €/year
Unlimited points of sales with unlimited impressions (related rules)
Design 8 rules per month
Web access
Call center 24/7/365
Distant support

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